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Service Repair Shops and Others

JobCard is our most popular product used by more than 1000 companies worldwide in very different areas


For the recording and registration of your waybills


To keep track of your company's cash reserves


A very simple invoicing program for small companies

Customer Management

Customizable mini CRM system for the simplest needs

Stock Control

Manage your inventory stock easily

 Tire Storage

Keep your tire register up to date

The free label means that the most important functions of the program can be used for free without product activation, but not all functions. The free license does not come with customer support. In the free programs, the invoicing, email, reminder and statistics modules can only be used for a limited time, and the logo cannot be set.

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Easily manage paper invoicing with InvoicePad 2

We're thrilled to unveil InvoicePad 2, the future of hassle-free paper-based invoicing compliant with NAV standards. Blending sophisticated invoicing with integrated CRM and inventory management systems, InvoicePad 2 offers a comprehensive business solution for today's digital age.

Introducing Freight 3: The Ultimate Transport Register Software

We're excited to announce the release of Freight 3, our latest transport register software, meticulously designed for professionals in the transportation industry. Freight 3 serves as the perfect solution for recording and invoicing transport operations, managing vehicles, drivers, and customers. Discover an unparalleled software experience with our newest features and enhanced functionalities.

Introducing CustomerRegister 3: The Simple Customer Registration Software (CRM)

Empower your business with the new and improved CustomerRegister 3, the state-of-the-art customer registration software tailored for companies seeking speed, flexibility, and enhanced functionality. Our platform has been meticulously designed to optimize and transform your customer registration experience.

Introducing CustomerRegister 2: Your Ultimate Free CRM Solution!

Easy-to-use, flexible, and entirely free, the new CustomerRegister 2 is here to redefine the way you manage your customer data.

The Future of Stock Management Software

Experience the evolution in inventory management with InventoryManager 3, a blend of efficiency, flexibility, and innovation. Go beyond traditional stock management to optimize your inventory process with advanced features and AI-driven capabilities.

Redefining Inventory Management for Small Businesses

Streamlining stock management has never been easier. InventoryManager 2 is not just another free inventory software; it's a revolutionary platform that marries user-friendliness with advanced AI capabilities to enhance text processing for businesses.

Introducing JobCard 2: The Simple and Free Service Repair Shop Software

Available for Windows and Linux 64-bit, JobCard 2 is the perfect solution for car repair services, computer repair shops, machine service, repair workshops, and software development companies.

Introducing JobCard 3: The Ultimate Service Repair Shop Software

Customizable software for car repair services, computer repair shops, machine service, repair workshops, software development companies.

Multi-scale information content measurement method based on Shannon information

The new mathematical method presented here provides a more accurate estimate of the (internal) information content of any discrete pattern based on Shannon's original function. The method is tested on different data sets and the results are compared with the results of other methods like compression algorithms.

Effective Handling of Big Images in Java

I was searching for a simple and effective solution for loading and manipulating very large images with BufferedImage. The problem was that BufferedImage stores the whole image in the memory.


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