Available for Windows and Linux 64-bit, JobCard 2 is the perfect solution for car repair services, computer repair shops, machine service, repair workshops, and software development companies.

JobCard 2 for Windows and linux.

  • Free version available
  • Simple & Customizable Interface
  • Integrated Invoicing
  • Email Functionality

This easy-to-use, free job card management system is designed for any workshop environment. It boasts customizable tables, integrated invoicing, an e-mail module, statistics, stock management, and barcode reading capabilities. Users can monitor work, customers, products, draft personalized e-mail templates, and print invoices efficiently. Data export options are vast, including XLS, CSV, HTML, and PDF. Enhanced features allow for deadline notifications, job cloning, and detailed printouts.

Advanced Features:

  • E-mail lists with personalized templates
  • Swift invoicing for completed job cards
  • Data recovery options in XLS, PDF, CSV, and TXT
  • Barcode generation for products


"JC2 is a fantastic program that significantly aids my job card and stock control."
"The features and affordability of your software surpass comparable packages."

The Benefits of Customizable Software:

Our adaptable software allows tailoring to individual needs, ensuring heightened efficiency and productivity. By customizing software for unique workflows and preferences, businesses experience increased productivity, flexibility, and reduced stress.

License Comparison:

Feature Free License Full License
Job card registry
Customer registry
Stock registry
Customer service
Custom logo on the printouts
E-mail sending
Statistics module
Reminder module

What’s New:

  • Integrated artificial intelligence.
  • Relevant date fields display in job card editor.
  • Invoice printing settings shifted to "Automatic Printing" tab in job card settings.
  • Fix: Printouts malfunctioned if net item value was unfilled.
  • Access "Automatic Printing" tab in job card module settings.
  • Fix: Frame's left side was missing on immediately printed invoice.
  • Input number format selection improvements.
  • Feedback on successful invoice file saving.
  • Display client country code if different from default.
  • Fix: Program shouldn't state "sent" if email sending fails.
  • Introduce size 20 font in the program.
  • Enhanced full-screen mode.


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Available for Windows and Linux 64-bit, JobCard 2 is the perfect solution for car repair services, computer repair shops, machine service, repair workshops, and software development companies.

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Customizable software for car repair services, computer repair shops, machine service, repair workshops, software development companies.

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