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Freight 3

Transport register software

For recording and invoicing transports, vehicles, drivers and customers.

✔ Simple

✔ Customizable

✔ Invoicing

✔ Emailing

Easy-to-use software for keeping track of your freights, cars, drivers, customers, products. It can automatically create invoces from the freights. The tables can be customized and extended with custom columns. Almost all off the tables can be exported to different file formats (XLS, CSV, HTML, PDF).You can set notifications for deadlines, clone ad reuse freights, create many different printouts and attach files to the records.

Advanced features

E-mail lists

E-mails, using personalized templates.


Create invoices for the completed job cards easily and quickly.

Data recovery

Almost every table can be saved in XLS, PDF, CSV and TXT formats.


Generate barcodes for products and options.


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