JobCard 3 for Windows, JobCard 3 for Linux 32 bit, JobCard 3 for Linux 64 bit

JobCard 3

Service Repair Shop Software

For car repair services, computer repair shops, machine service, repair workshops, software development companies...

✔ Fast

✔ Flexible

+ Networking mode

+ Password protection

Provides user management, customizable tables,  integrated invoicing, e-mail module, statistics, stock management and bar code reading. You can use it on multiple machines on local network. Keep track of your work, customers, products, create e-mail templates for personalized mail messages and print invoices for the completed job cards easily and quickly. The tables can be customized and extended with custom columns. Almost all off the tables can be exported to different file formats. You can set notifications for deadlines, clone ad reuse jobs, create many different printouts and attach files to the job card records, maintained object records and customer records.

Advanced features

E-mail lists

E-mails, using personalized templates.


Create invoices for the completed job cards easily and quickly.


Thanks to the built-in server network setting is child's play.


Generate and print barcodes for products.

File attachements

Attache any file to the records.

Data recovery

Almost every table can be saved in XLS, PDF, CSV and TXT formats.

Changes in Released Versions

JobCard (2024.03.09)

- Enhanced server password protection.
- Encrypted database connection.
- Invoice cloning feature.
- "Save Only" option when creating invoices.
- Site address type.
- In server mode, the program displays the computer's name in the footer.
- Accurate calculation of working hours in daily breakdown in work hour statistics.
- Clicking the clock icon in the date field does not change the year.
- Invoice module setting option: if there is no window, allow setting to print or save only.
- When saving/sending bilingual invoices, the file name should be in English.
- Item descriptions to be included in the online invoice system.
- Displaying the cash transaction settlement caption on the invoice.
- The program should not include invoices paid by transfer in the 1.5 million warning.
- Undo function for text fields (undo: Ctrl+Z, redo: Ctrl+Y).
- Fix online invoice submission issues.
- If a billing address is set, the program should write it on the cash voucher instead of the central address.
- When sending invoice email templates, the program does not fill out the monetary amount fields (net value, etc.).
- The program should automatically capitalize the first character of names, addresses, etc., entered in fields.
- Fix: preserving the location of saved forms during saving.
- Expand item and invoice modules with data deletion code and automatic submission of data deletion code.
- Proper formatting of values in dropdown lists for unique, fractional, or currency fields.
- If the item list is rearranged, the program should clear the table sorting.
- Warehouse module should remember the saving location when saving a delivery note.
- Fix reversed sorting in the name dropdown list in the product editor window.
- Ability to filter work order number in work order item list and error list tables.
- Sample warehouse movements in the warehouse management module show amounts as zeros.
- Fix date selector: it was not possible to change the year.
- In client mode, loading a database should not be possible.
- In statistics, the start and end date should be the same if one day is selected.
- Files opened in Windows (e.g., PDF) cannot be attached.
- Fix editing in the quick menu of incoming invoices in the deadline module.
- The program should not disable the auto-login option after a failed connection.
- The work order items table should allow more filtering.
- The work order items table should display unique data of the work order, subject, and items.
- The program should warn if two businesses are registered with the same name or tax number.
- Display the worker's name associated with the item on forms.
- Speed up the email editor.
- Fix email sending: the program should not freeze when processing many email addresses.
- Fix email sending: if there is no field to fill in the template, send it as a single email.
- Fix email sending: instead of sending emails in parallel, the program should send them sequentially.
- When saving emails, the program should warn if it cannot store too many email addresses.
- The program should keep track of which emails were successfully sent to which email addresses and allow retrying unsuccessful attempts.

JobCard (2023.08.23)

- Significantly faster table loading.
- Improved automatic selection in tables.
- Smarter artificial intelligence (Chat GPT 4).
- Following changes in NAV online invoice.

JobCard (2023.05.25)

- Display only relevant date fields in the worksheet editor window.
- Reintroduction of the invoice printing option in the worksheet editor window.
- Fix: forms did not work if the item's net value was not filled in.

The benefits of customizable software

Our customizable software allows you to configure and tailor the software to meet your individual needs and business requirements. As a result, your business can become much more efficient and productive, and take full advantage of the possibilities offered by our software.

The benefits of customizable software include:

  • Increased productivity: you can customize the software to best fit your unique workflows and tasks, making your work much more efficient and effective.

  • More flexible: customizable software allows you to modify the software in the future to meet new requirements and needs.

  • Reduced stress: you can tailor the software to your unique preferences and work style, making your work less stressful and more enjoyable.

System requirements

Operation System
  • Windows 11 (64 bit)
  • Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • Windows 8 (64 bit)
  • Windows 7 (64 bit)
  • Windows Xp (64 bit)
  • Linux (64 bit)
Screen resolution
  • Minimum 1024x768
Free storage space
  • 1 GByte + database size
Free memory
  • 1 GByte

Power requirement

  • Egy gépes módban: 2 GHz CPU
  • Szerver / kliens módban: 2 x 2 GHz CPU
  • Minimal brandwidth: 1 MBit/s
  • TCP/IP connection is needed between the server and the client machine


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